# MuteDeck v2.4: Busylights, Microsoft Teams v2, and more

Hi 👋

Hot off the presses, MuteDeck v2.4 is here! Read on to learn more about what's new.

# New: Support for Plenom Busylights

Good news for those with a Plenom Busylight! MuteDeck v2.4 can now synchronize your meeting status with your Busylight. Experience the convenience of your Busylight turning red when you're in a meeting and green when you're available.

Check out this tweet (opens new window) for a demonstration. For detailed instructions on setting up this integration, visit this help center article (opens new window).

# Microsoft Teams v2 support on Windows

MuteDeck now supports Microsoft Teams v2 on Windows, which is currently in early access (beta).

While macOS support is currently in the works, stay tuned for updates. Although Microsoft has not yet added the Third-Party API in Teams v2, rest assured that MuteDeck will be fully compatible once they do.

# Other changes

I've listened to your feedback and made some important improvements to enhance your MuteDeck experience:

  • Missing Licenses: Previously, certain conditions could cause MuteDeck to "lose" its license. I've made enhancements to prevent this from happening, so no more reactivations.
  • Fix a Crash on Windows: I've resolved an issue where pressing the mute button after a call ends (or when not properly detected with Teams v2) could cause MuteDeck to crash.
  • Easier Access to Enter a License: To simplify entering your license, I've added a button on the 'trial expired' notification to directly enter a license, instead of going to the settings.

# How to Upgrade

If you have enabled the Update MuteDeck at login setting, restart MuteDeck, and it'll update itself. Otherwise, use the Check for Updates in the tray menu to update. You can also download a fresh copy here: https://mutedeck.com/downloads (opens new window)

Thank you for being a part of the MuteDeck community! I hope these updates enhance your workflow and make your MuteDeck experience even better. Hit reply if you have any feedback. 😊