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Take control of your meetings with MuteDeck

Reduce meeting stress and mistakes. Never hear "hey, you're on mute" again.

Check and control your Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and other calls; quickly mute or unmute, toggle your webcam, start sharing, quickly leave the meeting, and more.


Available for Windows and macOS.

Works with

Google Meet
Elgato Stream Deck

Why MuteDeck?

It's taxing to learn the interfaces of different call apps, especially when you have to jump from call to call throughout the day. With MuteDeck, your controls are always the same.

Add a Stream Deck, Loupedeck, or home automation, and you've got physical buttons to manage your calls.

Mute Magic

Always know if you're unmuted, and mute within seconds if needed.

Webcam Control

Know when your webcam is on and turn it off quickly if someone walks in on you.


Leave (or end) a meeting with a single click when the meeting should be an email.

Single Click Share

No more looking for that share button, or the tiny share control window, just tap the button.

On the Record

Instantly see whether the meeting is being recorded and start recording with a single button.

Universal Remote

MuteDeck works the same no matter which call app you're using. Your controls are always in the same place.

MuteDeck detects the status of conference call software. Currently, Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex are supported with more to come. If your software isn't supported yet, it mutes your micrphone. That means you can use it for any and all types of software! 🤯

Stream Deck Plugin

Do you have an Elgato Stream Deck? The MuteDeck plugin is the ultimate companion for your Stream Deck. Control your meetings via any of the LCD keys or the petal controller.

Install Stream Deck Plugin

Loupedeck Plugin

Install the Loupedeck plugin to control your meetings with the physical buttons on a Loupedeck Live or Loupedeck CT.

Install Loupedeck Plugin

API Driven

MuteDeck includes an accessible REST API that anything can hook into. Do you have a custom application or home automation setup that needs to know when you're in a meeting? Done!

The Loupedeck and Stream Deck Plugins use the same API to function.

What people are saying


Dan Neumann

" Loving the Zoom extension for Stream Deck. It is nice to go on and off mute without having to switch to Zoom and find the silly little mic icon. Also nice to just know if I am on mute by looking at the mic icon on Stream Deck. "
- Agile enthusiast and coach



" Installed this 3 minutes ago and already do not want to imagine a world where I don't have the Stream Deck Plugin for Zoom. "


Gates VP

" This tool has really made my day. I'm moving to full-time remote (even post-pandemic). This tool is a life-saver. "
- Software Developer


Kaliko Trapp

" Thank you so much for making this for all us educators out here who rely on StreamDeck working with Zoom. "
- Educator


Katrina Walker

" Thank you SO much for the Zoom plugin. I teach online professionally and Streamdeck makes me look...well, professional. Like I have a whole studio crew instead of just me. THANK YOU! "
- Teacher


Tim Stringer

" Thanks very much for creating this plugin, Martijn! It helps me focus more on the people I'm meeting with on Zoom and less on the technology. "
- Founder of @TechnicalSimple & @LearnOmniFocus



" Great plugin! I just installed it to use for the Elgato foot pedal :-) "


Hayley Tuller

" Thanks for saving the day! just what i was looking for "
- Founder of @TechnicalSimple & @LearnOmniFocus


Glenn Hoetker

" Thank you for your wonderful work on the Zoom plugin for Stream Deck. Many fewer people saying "You're on mute!" every day. "


Boctor Bill

" This is great and exactly what my wife and I need for, believe it or not, improv shows on Zoom. Cheers! "
- Master of Improv


Nathan Payne

" Thanks for an awesome plugin that makes my daily zooms more pleasant. "

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