Take control of your meetings with MuteDeck

Check and control your status on Zoom; quickly mute or unmute, toggle your webcam, start sharing, leave the meeting, and more. Making you the meeting rockstar.


What's in the box?

Mute Magic

Easily control and always know if you're on mute.

Webcam Video

Know when your webcam is on and turn it off quickly.

Leave Meeting

Leave (or end) a meeting with a single click.

Single Click Share

No more looking for that share button, just click it.


MuteDeck runs on macOS and Windows and detects the status of conference call software. Currently, Zoom is supported (more to come).

But that's not all! If MuteDeck does not recognize your conference call software, it controls the system mute. That means you can use it for any and all types of software! 🤯

Loupedeck Plugin

Install the Loupedeck plugin to control your meetings with the physical buttons on a Loupedeck Live or Loupedeck CT.

Stream Deck Plugin

Do you have an Elgato Stream Deck? The MuteDeck plugin is the ultimate companion for your Stream Deck. Control your meetings via any of the LCD keys or the petal controller.

API Driven

MuteDeck includes an accessible REST API that anything can hook into. Do you have a custom application or home automation setup that needs to know when you're in a meeting? Done!

The Loupedeck and Stream Deck Plugins use the same API to function.



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