# Microsoft Teams v2 preview in MuteDeck v2.5, and Black Friday discount!

Hi 👋 Martijn here with a new version of MuteDeck (v2.5) to tell you about!

# New Microsoft Teams Support

A month or two ago, Microsoft started pushing Teams v2 - but it lacked third-party app support. This week I was pleasantly surprised when the third-party app API appeared! It looks to be supported only on Windows so far, but I'm sure the macOS support will follow soon.

MuteDeck now supports the new third-party API in Teams v2! 🥳

There's a new application sync for Teams v2, as Microsoft changed a lot. When you enable it, it'll ask you to pair MuteDeck with Teams.

Learn how to set it up in this help article (opens new window).

teams v2 setup

I've also added support to show and hide the chat window in Teams, because Microsoft was so kind to provide support. The Stream Deck, Loupedeck, etc. plugins will be updated to add a button to toggle the chat window, in a week or two.

# Holiday / Black Friday discount!

Lastly, a quick note that I'm running a holiday promotion for MuteDeck for the next week! Get 50% off on new licenses using the discount code BLACKFRIDAY23 during checkout. Click here to get started (opens new window).

# How to Upgrade

If you have enabled the Update MuteDeck at login setting, restart MuteDeck, and it'll update itself. Otherwise, use the Check for Updates in the tray menu to update. You can also download a fresh copy here: https://mutedeck.com/downloads (opens new window)