# Introducing MuteDeck v2.0: Custom Actions for Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and Webex

I'm very excited to bring you this update and talk about MuteDeck v2.0, which I released today. Custom actions are now available, which means you can add custom buttons to run virtually any action in Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or Webex! 🤯

Do you want to raise your hand, change to gallery view, or open the chat? With Custom Actions, all of these actions (and many more) are just a button away. This will save you time and make it easier to stay focused during meetings.

I've made creating custom actions and using them as simple as possible. In case you need it, here's step-by-step documentation (opens new window), and here's a video walkthrough (opens new window). MuteDeck will see version 2.0 when you use Check for Updates and when it starts at login.

You'll also see updates for the plugins; the Stream Deck (opens new window), Loupedeck (opens new window), Touch Portal (opens new window), and Google Meet Chrome extension (opens new window), which have been updated to support the custom actions.

# Stream Deck Plugin Updates

Custom Actions are not the only new feature in version 7 of the Stream Deck plugin. On popular request, I've added "single-action" buttons as well.

Single-action buttons only do 1️⃣ thing, and they don't reflect the status of your video, mute, etc. Why would you want that? Because of multi-actions. With multi-actions, you can perform multiple tasks at once.

Say you want to set up your call exactly to your preferences: unmuted, camera on, the chat window open, and the invite link in your clipboard. The new single-action MuteDeck buttons support this extreme automation!

stream deck buttons

I hope you love these new features! Let me know what you think. 🤗