# New: MuteDeck v1.3

I’m very happy to announce the availability of MuteDeck version 1.3, which has a ton of new features! Here’s a the TL:DR overview, and I’ll go into details below the fold.

  • Microsoft Teams support
  • Action notifications when you press a Stream Deck/Loupedeck button
  • Change the button & window size to: large, medium, or small
  • Handle call-hopping between Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.
  • Warn when Zoom or Teams are being used in an unsupported language
  • Fix detecting Zoom calls when sharing (for recent Zoom versions)

Download v1.3 from the website, or use Check for Updates in the tray menu.

# Microsoft Teams Support 🎉

Microsoft didn't make it easy, but it's finally here. Support for all the actions (mute, video, recording, sharing, and leaving) is present. Only English is supported for now, with more languages coming in a future MuteDeck version.

I’ve had tons of Teams calls and beta testers, everything seems solid. But please let me know (opens new window) if you find an issue.

You might notice your video toggling twice quickly when you start a new Teams call on Windows. That's necessary before MuteDeck can see the meeting controls. If you've changed the shortcut to toggle video, you need to let MuteDeck know (opens new window) (check #3).

# Action Notifications

It's good to get confirmation on whether things work. So, whenever you perform an action on the Stream Deck, Loupedeck, or via the API, MuteDeck will confirm the action on your computer. In the middle of your screen, a transparent, non-disruptive notification showing what you just did will pop up for a second.

You can turn this off by unchecking the Show action notifications option.

# Changing the Button Size

At popular request, you can now adjust the size of the buttons on MuteDeck. Changing the size will also automatically resize the window, so you can pick the size that fits best on your computer.

Check out the Button size option in the settings.

# Handle Call-Hopping

If you're like me, you switch between Zoom, Teams, or Webex constantly depending on who you're meeting with. MuteDeck now handles this properly.

When coming off a Zoom call and moving into a Teams call, MuteDeck will continue to offer you control.

# Fix Zoom Detection While Sharing

The latest version of Zoom has a change that makes MuteDeck forget there's a Zoom call whenever you start sharing your screen. v1.3 takes that Zoom change into account and recognizes the call again.