# Custom Actions for everything! MuteDeck v2.1 🎉

Hi! Martijn here with another MuteDeck version (2.1) update. I've improved the Custom Actions and added a new Bring to Front button. Let's dig into the details!

# New "Bring to Front" Button

Can you sometimes not find Zoom underneath all other the apps you have open? Me too! That's why I added support for the new "Bring to Front" action that pulls Zoom, Teams, and other supported apps to the front. That way, the conference call apps are way easier to find when multitasking.

# One Button for Multiple Actions

One of the greatest things about MuteDeck is the ability to use the same buttons in different conference call apps. The initial Custom Actions didn't allow that, so I changed that!

Now, you can create custom actions with the same name. You can create a custom action called raise-hand with the right shortcuts for the right apps. Below is an example for Zoom and Google Meet:

custom actions

Now when you use the raise-hand action on a Stream Deck button, MuteDeck will figure out which call app is active and send the right shortcut. No more multiple buttons for multiple apps! 😊

# Custom Actions for Any App

Maybe you spotted it in the above screenshot; I've also added a new option called "Active Application" to the custom actions. This will send the shortcut to the active application window. Any application. Any shortcut. Let that sink in. 😊

So, if MuteDeck does not support your preferred conference call app yet, creating Custom Actions using the Active Application will let you control your calls anyway.

But it does not have to be limited to call apps. It can be any app and any shortcut. The copy-text action is a perfect example. I can't wait to hear what you do with this. 🥳

# How to Upgrade

If you have enabled the Update MuteDeck at login setting, restart MuteDeck, and it'll update itself. Otherwise, use the Check for Updates in the tray menu to update. You can also download a fresh copy here: https://mutedeck.com/downloads

Thank you for your support, and until next time!