# Celebrating a Year of MuteDeck in 2023

Hi 👋

I'm thrilled to be able to wrap up an exceptional year for MuteDeck and would like to express my gratitude to all MuteDeck users for their support and feedback. As I reflect on the past year, it's clear that MuteDeck has become a necessity for meetings, making your lives easier—which is my ultimate goal with MuteDeck. 😊

Looking ahead to the next year, I have some exciting plans to expand support for more apps. In the meantime, the (optional) anonymous usage statistics tell a wonderful story about how MuteDeck was used in 2023. Take a look:

2023 infographic

# Moving away from subscription licensing

Offering a cheaper price that repeated as a subscription seemed like a good idea when I launched MuteDeck. It was initially cheaper for you and provided some stability for me. However, as time went on and due to feedback, as well as the realization that we have too many subscriptions in our lives, I started experimenting with one-time purchases for licenses that last forever. It makes more sense for an app like MuteDeck.

I have now transitioned entirely to the perpetual model, offering a single option with the choice to select the number of computers. That's it. Simpler.

For those currently subscribed, you do not have to change, but transitioning to the perpetual license is simple. When your subscription is nearing renewal, you can cancel it and take advantage of the new perpetual license by making a one-time purchase. By doing so, you will own MuteDeck forever.

Wishing you a peaceful and productive 2024 ahead!