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Anonymous Usage Stats Explained

During the continuous development of MuteDeck, we often review existing features and design for new features and options. By enabling the Send Anonymous Usage Stats option, you can help us...
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Why does it take a second or two to update?

MuteDeck is on a continuous loop to detect and find the status of Zoom. To balance the resources the software needs (CPU usage) and performance, we've put this loop on...
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What happens when MuteDeck doesn’t recognise the call app?

When MuteDeck does not recognize the call application, mostly because we don't support it yet, it falls back on the microphone input you're using. Mute visibility and control still works. ? Here's...
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Make the API Server listen on all IPs

By default, MuteDeck only activates the API server on your local computer, mostly for security reasons. For example, no external person can tell MuteDeck to end your call when it's...
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How does the REST API work?

The MuteDeck software has an open API that you can use to get the status of each button (mute, video, etc.) and control the buttons as well. This RESTful API...
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